NetStrategy Solutions specializes in network analytcis and cost management for communications service providers. Analytics is a scientific process of transforming data into insights and making better business decisions.  We apply analytics process to transform telecom data (invoices, CDR, provisioning, etc.) into making superior network financial decisions that result in significant network cost savings and improve organizations’ long-term network profitability.  We have extensive experiences in the network cost management for communications service providers where we helped them achieve millions of dollars in savings as well as implemented better processes and tools to help clients successfully manage on-going network costs.

Founder’s Story and Guiding Principal

Akira managed the long-range planning team for Qwest communications prior to founding NetStrategy Solutions.  He had seen bad planning and network cost management decisions made by the organization that harmed the long-term financial health of business.  Decisions were often made with insufficient data and without a good baseline process.  Although network planners, carrier managers, product managers, and other professional staffs tasked to manage network cost and improve profitability had a great content knowledge, many of them lacked the analytics capability and foundational process required for making good business decisions.  Based on his experiences, he wanted to improve results and client experiences by integrating analytics process into the network cost management practice.

He believes application of analytics process within the network cost management will greatly improve a client’s financial outcome.  There are seven main domains with 34 sub-steps associated with analytics process.  Many tools applied in the analytics help clients achieve higher savings and long-term profitability.  He believes the importance of having a good baseline process in addition to deep content knowledge will ultimately help his client achieve their desired results.

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