NetStrategy Solutions is a telecommunications consultancy with an expertise in network optimization.  We improve organizations’ financial health and achieve their cost reduction objectives through a variety of solutions including network reconfigurations, network builds, consolidation, re-terms, contract negotiations, and so on.

There are unique issues specific to network management.  For example, a goal for major Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) to retire their copper loops would have a significant financial impact to communications service providers leasing ILEC copper loops to provide their services to customers.  A cost of providing services will skyrocket, as there is no comparable ILEC replacement service at an equivalent price point. Furthermore, an organization that leases networks from competitive carriers would end up paying much higher price to maintain their networks.  An organization’s plan must consider unique risks such as this example and many others to ensure an optimal result.  Unfortunately, many business plans created by network management organizations lack business insights to address key issues such as this example into their analysis.  As a result, their plans must be revised multiple times as well as costing them a fortune to correct mistakes.

Although data driven plans and cost management solutions should not replace with a good judgment and insight, we provide data driven solutions as a core approach.  We develop a unique insight from data and statistical methods to help achieve financial results.

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