NetStrategy Solutions specializes in the business analytics for communications service providers (CSPs).  There are abundances of internal and external data assets collected by the industry associations, FCC, provisioning, sales, customers, network expenses, inventory, etc.  It is often difficult to transform a variety of telecom data into insights and making effective business decisions. You need an expert who understands not only the meanings behind the data, but also someone with extensive experiences in the telecom operations to effectively implement the analytics solutions to help achieve great results.

Our services include:

  1. Network Cost Optimization – We identify and manage network cost optimization projects for CSPs.  CSPs spend millions of dollars each year in the lease circuits.  We generally find 10% or more in the cost savings through network re-configurations, term plans, vendor selections, etc.  Analytics is used to identify network savings opportunities.
  2. Carrier Contract & Tariff Analytics – CSPs regularly negotiate multimillion dollar wholesale contracts with other carriers.  There are many different ways to structure rates, commitments, terms, and penalties.  A structure of contract would determine future revenues and profitability as well as potential risks during the term of contract.  Additionally, a bad contract may constrain CSPs from negotiating a favorable contract term when the contract is ready for renew.  Contract analytics can assist CSPs in designing an optimal carrier contract.
  3. Network Planning Strategy – Network planners regularly look for ways to support growing businesses as well as to minimize future expenses.  This requires network planners to effectively analyze different geographic markets, competitors, customers, and network costs.  We can help develop a cost effective planning strategy for CSPs.
  4. Product Strategy – Every network product manager involves in the certain product decisions including which markets to enter, or develop a sound strategy to improve profit margins.  Answering these questions would require various analyses.  Analytics can assist the product mangers make effective product strategy to improve revenue and profitability.
  5. Pricing Strategy – Pricing & Offer Management works with various network and non-network costs to determine optimal pricing.  There are many components to the pricing in order to stay profitable such as customer churn, termination liability risk, and commitment.  An application of analytics can help review various data sets and formulate an optimal pricing strategy.

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