NetStrategy Solutions works with communications service providers struggling to control network expenses.  Most network cost management organizations deal with a lack of data, tools, and processes every day.  There are also so many network planning and optimization options to consider.  It is almost impossible to make a smart decision when you don’t have key data or you don’t know what to do with a variety of data you have collected.  As a result, many organizations make a poor decision that result in increased risks and constraints as well as harming the long-term health of business.  Our analytics approach to network cost management helps you gain insights from data and lead to optimal financial results.

According to the industry study, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million dollars in additional net income for a typical fortune 1,000 company, but less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed by a typical organization at the moment.  There is a plenty of opportunities for communications service providers to improve their network expense management operation by effectively leveraging data assets.

You should consider us when you are facing with following challenges:

  1. Dealing with a complex decision.  Are you facing with more decision factors than you can handle?  We can analyze complex data and reveal best options.
  2. Having problems with processes.  Are your network cost management processes broken or need to work much better?  An organization will have a big impact on its bottom line if day-to-day decisions are not being made well.  We can design a smart cost management model for your team.
  3. Troubling by risk.  Do you need to limit or reduce risk?  We can help quantify risk, which is key to controlling it.  It can provide an optimal solution to balance risk against the return you would expect.
  4. Not making best use of data.  Do you have data but not knowing how to apply them to make better decisions?  We help extract the valuable information from existing data and show additional data you could collect to increase the value of network cost management decisions.

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