NetStrategy Solutions brings innovations to the network management and improve a financial health of communications service providers.

Our Services

A large number of communications service providers deal with a lack of data, tools, and processes every day.  It is almost impossible to make a smart decision when you don’t have key data or you don’t know what to do with a variety of data you have collected.  Business analytics facilitates a comprehension of business objectives through the analysis of trends, formulation of predictive models for forecasting and optimization of business processes to achieve heightened results.  We collaborate and enable our client team to make effective network management decisions based on the operational and analytics insights.  Specific services include:

  • Network Cost Management
    • Network Optimization – Identify network cost reduction opportunities as well as work with a client to effectively implement the plan.
    • Carrier/Service Evaluation – Identify optimal mix of network suppliers and services to ensure a client’s total cost of network services will be minimized.
  • Network Planning
    • Network Build Analyze network build opportunities to reduce current expenses as well as improve future revenue stream.
    • Leased Network Plan – Provide an optimal network design to minimize future expenses and improve profit margins.
  • Network Revenue Management
    • Revenue Assurance – Identify additional revenue (or cost reduction) opportunities by matching leased costs and provisioning data.
  • Network Pricing Management
    • Cost Allocation Model – Analyze termination liability languages, fixed and variable costs, and other network and customer data to develop an effective network pricing.
  • Network Product Management
    • Network Expansion – Identify opportunities to expand a new network service to new markets/customers based on the termination costs, leased network expenses, customer commitments, and other costs, risks and constraints.

When you should consider us?

  1. Dealing with a complex decision.  Are you facing with more decision factors than you can handle?  We can analyze complex data and reveal best options.
  2. Having problems with processes.  Are your processes broken or need to work much better?  An organization will have a big impact on its bottom line if day-to-day decisions are not being made well.  We design a smart decision support model to help your team become more effective in making network management decisions.
  3. Troubling by risk.  Do you need to limit or reduce risk?  We can help quantify risk, which is key to controlling it.  We can help plan how best to balance risk against the return you would expect.
  4. Not making best use of data.  Do you have data but not knowing how to apply them to make better decisions?  We extract the valuable information from existing data and show additional data you could collect to increase the value.

Why us?  Our principal is a Certified Analytics Professional with extensive experiences in the communications service industry with a variety of management roles in network planning, vendor relations, and cost management functions.  We recognize challenges managers and executives face every day.  We understand the end-to-end operational process of delivering and managing communications services in addition to deep understanding of data specific to the communications service industry.

We also have extensive experiences in making network management recommendations applying extensive data analyses.  A unique combination of industry knowledge and analytics experiences help us effectively collaborate with your team and implement a custom solution to achieve your goal.

Please call/email us at 703-955-4988 or for further assistance.