NetStrategy Solutions provides planning and strategy solutions for communications carriers, data center operators, and internet service providers looking to improve their financial performance.  We leverage business analytics to create effective plans focused on maximizing our clients’ short- and long-term financial benefits while minimizing risks and constraints.

We work with our clients to create a variety of plans and analyses including network optimization, interconnection/least cost routing, carrier negotiation analysis, and long-range network strategy.

There are wealth of data available to exploit yet many network professionals do not effectively leverage these key assets to make network planning and optimization decisions. Similarly, there are many analytics tools to minimize risks and constraints as well as to help improve a long-term profitability of business operations. Many network professionals need help with choosing a right statistical and financial tools to make an effective decision that would lead to a continual improvement to operating profits while reducing risks and constraints.

Because bad data and analytics approach would lead to a bad decision and undesirable financial result, we continue to identify key data and better analytics approaches to improve quality of our network and optimization plans and help our clients improve their operating profits.

Although there are countless ways to leverage data assets and make effective decisions, here’s a sample list of how analytics can benefit network organizations.

Contract Analytics for Carrier Management – Carrier managers now have more flexibility for carrier negotiation strategies as a forbearance allowed carrier managers to negotiate an individual contract rather than simply choosing a tariffed service.  They can choose to negotiate a flat rate pricing, or they can request carriers to negotiate a variable pricing.  In this kind of an environment, how do carrier managers decide what rate structures and term/volume commitments would be best for their organizations?  How do they know that a chosen carrier contract structure would help organizations to drive more business and reduce long-term risk?  Business analytics helps carrier managers effectively negotiate the carrier contracts by identifying long-term cost drivers as well as aligning pricing and product strategies through measuring, monitoring, forecasting, scenario modeling, and other techniques.

Leased Circuit Renewal Analytics for Access Planning – Communications service providers lease circuits from other carriers in order to provide end-to-end communication services.  A circuit term of underlying leased circuits is not always co-terminus to customer term commitment.  Access planning needs help of analytics to decide whether or not to renew leased circuits.  If circuits are renewed and customers choose to disconnect their services, the communications service provider will pay hefty termination liability charges to disconnect underlying circuits.  If communications service providers choose not to renew leased circuits, then this action will result in the increased network expenses and lowered profit margins.  Implementing analytics helps access planners make an informed decision.

Network Optimization Long-Term Plan for Access Planning – Network optimization plan is, generally, created to maximize a current year run-rate savings.  Maximizing a current year run-rate savings also creates all sorts of long-term constraints and risks.  Applying a sophisticated decision tree analysis and other solutions help identify relationships between short-term decisions and long-term impacts.  These kind of analytics help access planners make a better decision that minimizes potential mid- and long-term risks in the future.

Customer Analytics for Wholesale Carrier - A carrier selling its network services to wholesale customers do not always understand a purchase process.  They fail to provide a compelling reason for wholesale customers to establish new interconnections.  Why should wholesale customers establish interconnections with another communications service providers, especially a new carrier that does not provide additional network coverage or deep price discount?  What is in it for customers?  With a use of analytics, a service provider can identify unique opportunity for each customer and create compelling reasons for wholesale customers to establish new interconnections.

Communications Service New Product Development - There are plenty of data assets available to develop a data driven service.  These new services based on data assets complement with existing communications services.  One example is a fraud detection service based on a call usage pattern for their business customers.  These data driven services separate you from other communications service providers.

Usage Management for Voice Engineering – A communications service provider often over-engineer trunks as they try to avoid call blocks.  It may use a time tested tool such as Erlang B to manage its network capacity, but a sophisticated forecasting tool helps capacity management more effectively.  It is more important now to use analytics such as various forecasting tools to manage networks as more customers migrate, say, from landlines to wireless networks.  There is an opportunity to squeeze out network expenses with help of analytics.

Project Management Process Improvement – Some communications service providers are terrible predicting project completion dates.  A project manager communicates estimated completion dates to a customer based on inputs from internal teams.  Unfortunately, splicing, installations, testing, and other activities do not always happen as planned.  The project management team can measure implementation data points to estimate realistic completion dates, especially when project management is tasked to manage large network projects.  Data analytics drive communications service providers to improve interactions with its customers and lead to higher customer satisfactions.

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