What do we do?  NetStrategy Solutions specializes in providing network cost management for our customers.  Our network cost management services are categorized in three areas.

  • Network Cost Optimization – This service is all about finding cost savings.  As communications networks become vital assets for many organizations, they must spend millions of dollars to keep up with growing networks.  Generally, there are ample opportunities to eliminate the network expenses through different optimization strategies as there are so much waste built in the networks.  We apply a variety of approaches to reduce the organizations’ network expenses including:
    • Network reconfiguration
    • Carrier and contract/tariff review
    • Revenue assurance
    • Network resizing
    • Billing audit
    • Least cost routing
  • Network Design –  This service is all about the cost prevention.  A proactive network design is a key to preventing out-of-control network expenses in the future.  Many organizations experience growth periods where they simply provision networks to keep up with demands without much considerations.  Over time, these reactive actions create a spaghetti of networks.  A substantial money will be wasted from these poor design decisions.  It is better to address these issues by proactively designing networks rather than dealing with them later.  We help organizations design better networks to avoid unnecessary future expenses.
  • Network Cost Analytics – This is about creating a model to make better network decisions.  Organizations have a large volume of network related data available but engineers, network planners, and other network management professionals may not know how to leverage these data assets as well as they may lack a knowledge of different analytics approaches available to formulate a winning decision support models. We close this gap by transforming key data into a unique insight and help organizations make effective decisions.
    • IP Usage Analytics – An organization purchases internet and IP services from carriers to support underlying applications.  Whether your organization provides a DDoS mitigation service or analytics application, a data usage pattern will be different.  There are many billing options available such as paying high fixed charges to minimize an overage costs or you can decide to pay the high overage costs instead of paying monthly fixed charges.  So many organizations waste money by choosing a wrong billing option.  We analyze organization’s traffic pattern and provide an optimal solution to minimize IP/internet charges.

Why us?  We have extensive operational experiences in key network management organizations including network planning, carrier management, and network cost management.  We recognize the daily challenges of network planners, provisioners, engineers, and other network professionals.  We understand the end-to-end process of managing network from a network construction to billing. We are also familiar with the meanings behind unique data specific to the industry.

Additionally, we have extensive experiences in making strategic recommendations for various network functional groups including the network planning, carrier management, and product management through the application of analytics.  A unique combination of operational and analytics experiences help us implement a solution more effectively over other service providers.

Please call/email us at 703-955-4988 or akira.oyama@netstrategysolutions.com for further assistance.